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Hong Kong, we love you, but something has to change...

Dear Hong Kong,

We need to talk. Sometimes the more important things to say are the hardest. We know it may hurt you to hear this but we can’t keep going on like this. We’re telling you this only because we care.

Hong Kong, we love you. You’re a vibrant metropolis. Your personality is electric. Your hills are breathtaking. Your beaches are fabulous. Your people are cool. You really are the jewel of the Asian crown.


You’re killing yourself.

You’re throwing away 2.34 millions of tonnes of domestic waste in one year only – We won’t even get into your total annual rubbish of 5.61 million tonnes! What are you doing with all that junk?

Instead of developing a Zero Waste Strategy to manage your waste and dramatically cut your environmental impact down, advancing an accountable recycling and composting effort throughout your islands, most of your rubbish are going straight into landfill, or worse, the upcoming incinerators, creating pollutions you will never truly get rid of, scarring your beautiful nature and us who live here!

We get that we are also to blame. Our over-consumption habit leaves a lot to be desired, our disposable plastics addiction isn’t sexy, and not sorting out our bins properly put a toll on our relationship.

Hong Kong, please forgive us too. We don’t want to leave, so let’s kiss and make up.

While hoping for your government bodies to sort out public policies, and your industries going green, we promise to be better persons by being conscious consumers and becoming zero wasters. We will step up our eco initiatives. We are even building a Zero Waste Coaching Programme for all individuals and businesses who want to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s forgive each other, stay together and build a better future for all. We promise that we can achieve greater success within a Circular Economy, in harmony with Mother Nature, and still living a fabulous cosmopolitan lifestyle!

With love,

Paola and Aigul x

On behalf of the people of Hong Kong

How can you help Hong Kong?

Real change starts with ourselves. Instead of waiting for others to solve our environmental issues, we can take matters into our own hands. The most effective way for individuals and businesses to go green is to live a zero waste life.

Zero Waste Lifestyle is a philosophy that encourages a rethink of resource consumption and life cycle. The core strategy is waste prevention, with recycling and composting conducted as last resorts. With the right strategy, up to 99.9% of waste can be diverted from the landfill and incinerator, saving resources and maximising efficiency along the way.

There are a lot of bite-sized information online, but having a Zero Waste Coach means you will have someone to count on and experienced guide to go through the environmental impact reduction process. Our clients save time, avoid various common pitfalls, and generally have a smoother experience than those without a coach. Find out more about our Zero Waste Coaching Programme.

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