Kick Start Your Zero Waste Lifestyle

The most recent statistics on the amount of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Hong Kong dumps every year, revealed it was the equivalent to 6 IFC towers!

Combine this fact with the city’s abysmal recycling rate and non-existent composting facility. Throw in the harsh reality that our final landfills will be full in three short years, and it’s easy to see why Hong Kong is a ticking time bomb.

You may say, “Waste is a fact of life!”, or “I recycle!” or even “The government/corporation/other people are responsible!”. You may be resigned to think “I know it’s an issue, but what can one person do?”

The answer? Contrary to what most people think, waste-free life is just a matter of choice. Recycling is a great way to start but it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem. And yes, government and businesses play a major role in waste reduction issues, but change on this level is often too incremental, and painfully slow.

The hidden truth? Real change starts with us, and there are many simple ways to incorporate this in our busy lifestyles. 

Reduce Your Waste – and fast!

The bulk of the daily MSW consists of recyclables and compostables, most of which could be diverted from landfill. The rest can be easily avoided through some lifestyle changes.

Instead of waiting for others to solve our problem, we can take matters into our own hands. The most effective way is to live a Zero Waste lifestyle!

How? By following the Rs of Zero Waste: Rethink, Regulate, Redesign, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot.

At a personal level, living a Zero Waste lifestyle heightens wellness and quality of life. At society level, a zero waster creates more demand for sustainable business practice, and inspires the need for better regulations from the government. Your new lifestyle as a zero waster means that you will drive positive changes for your community.

Finding the correct guide and resources to live Zero Waste in Hong Kong can be tough. Most guides are US or Europe oriented, and it may not easily translate into solving specific issues in Hong Kong. Finding the right products and services in Hong Kong is equally difficult!

That’s why we created Loop Coach, a Zero Waste coaching programme suitable for all walks of life and curated for Hong Kong lifestyle.

Our Loop Coach programme is designed to kick start your zero waste transformation. You will also become one of the LoopTribe, an active community within LoopUnite! that supports its members towards a waste-free lifestyle.

Our LoopTribe Coach will guide your waste reduction journey and show you how to live a zero waste lifestyle in Hong Kong, based on the Rs of Zero Waste. The programme also includes zero waste products and strategies to implement when you are travelling.

Loop Coach programme is result-driven, effective, and affordable. If you follow the programme, you will see an immediate and dramatic waste reduction in your life, heightened quality of life, and with time, you may even reduce your annual waste to a mason jar like most successful zero wasters do!

To discover more about Loop Coach programme, register your details here and we would be delighted to get in touch with more details.