Welcome to Zero Waste Life!

Welcome to Zero Waste Life!

Dear Loop Tribe!

Or, better yet, Zero Waste Life Tribe… We are very excited to introduce you to ZEROWASTELIFE, our name and branding, with a whole new website packed with new articles fresh from the content oven, resources, and tools to make life as a zero waster in Hong Kong a breeze!

Why did we change our brand name?

Ever since our official launch in October, we’ve evolved from the small community project on sustainable lifestyle into an educational platform for zero waste life. We have coached businesses, events and individuals, helping them to achieve their objectives in refusing and reducing waste, and ultimately rethinking their habits. Our zero waste coach programme has been supported by over 20 events in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Russia where we’ve acted as speakers and panellists, organisers, and partners. But whenever we had to introduce ourselves, most people would hardly remember the name LoopUnite. We realised our name didn’t really reflect our main activity and decided to change it. Mystery solved!

What’s happening now?

Next to expanding our private and business clients, our main focus will be the Zero Waste Coach group programme split into 3 parts: Low Impact Lifestyle, Zero Waste Lifestyle and Circular Lifestyle. The ultimate goal of this programme is to have more zero wasters in who are able to reach the jar level and create impact in their local community. We also aim to train more coaches in Hong Kong and beyond who will impart their knowledge and expertise to the next batch of students. After the successful first group programme in February, we are thrilled to announce the second batch starting in April. More details will be announced soon!

On the resources side, we are happy to collaborate with the best zero waste pioneers in Hong Kong and global level who will publish their opinions, community reports and the news. Get ready for more local content from Hong Kong’s neighborhoods and outlying islands – exploring zero waste alternatives there will get so much easier! We kick off with Yee Ting Lau of Come Into the Fort’s wonderful guide to zero waste life in Mui Wo and continue with Central and Western district in the following weeks. Feel free to request or make a coverage from your own neighbourhood!

Get to know your local zero waste resources, a collaboration with Bea Johnson and her Bulk Finder app. We put importance in contributing to the global Zero Waste community and as THE Zero Waste lifestyle pioneer, Bea’s map is one of the most influential listing in the global community. Please contribute to our cause by adding your local resources directly to her map.

On the events side, expect more announcement soon on various happenings in Hong Kong and Asia, so you can meet other members of the community in exciting setups.

We are very excited about what’s coming next and looking forward to having more zero waste life coaches and ambassadors in 2018. Welcome to the next chapter of our sustainable journey!


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