Zero Waste Coach

Zero Waste Coach

Tired of the same old consumerist lifestyle? Do you want to be eco conscious and live a truly green life, but don’t know where to start? Does your business aim to be sustainable? Do you aspire to life a healthier life, or to have a better quality of life in general? Then Zero Waste is the right solution for you.

Real change starts with ourselves. Instead of waiting for others to solve our environmental issues, we can take matters into our own hands. The most effective way for individuals and businesses to go green is to live a zero waste life.

Why Zero Waste Lifestyle?
Zero Waste Lifestyle is a philosophy that encourages a rethink of resource consumption and life cycle. The core strategy is waste prevention, with recycling and composting conducted as last resorts.

Each environmental impact reduction journey varies by location and culture, but Zero Waste Lifestyle principles are adaptable to all kinds of individual lifestyle and business operations.

With the right strategy, up to 99.9% of waste can be diverted from the landfill and incinerator. Resources are saved and reused further to form the infinite loop of Circular Economy. In the household level, it’s even possible to collect your annual rubbish in a jar!

Why Zero Waste Coach?
There are a lot of bite-sized information online, but finding an effective local guide and resources to live waste free in Hong Kong can be tough. Most guides are US or Europe oriented, which may not easily translate into solving specific issues in Hong Kong.

Just like other coaching types, having a Zero Waste Coach means you will have someone to count on and experienced guide to go through the environmental impact reduction process. Our clients save time, avoid various common pitfalls, and generally have a smoother experience than those without a coach.

Our Zero Waste Coaches are experienced zero wasters who has reached the jar level. The coaches will meet you where you are. That means, we push to get the best result, but never more than what you are ready for.

We start by examining your current lifestyle. Once a baseline and end goal are set, we move on to discuss strategy options to beat over-consumption and redesign your habits, with as little disruption as possible to your fabulous urban life!

Our Zero Waste Coaching programmes are available for individuals, groups, and businesses. Find out more by contacting us via email, or say hello in one of our social medias. We are very active in Facebook and Instagram, and reply messages within 24 hours.